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  • Seven SHORT videos to quickly learn the system!

  • Brainstorming printable to end dinner battles!

  • Bonus! Busy Mama E-cookbook (value $9.95), my favorite fast recipes.

What's for dinner to dinner's served...

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Every month was another opportunity to head to Costco to get the big savings on food. We'd shop, spend, and unload $1000 worth of groceries per month only to find we didn't know what was for dinner. Worse, in two weeks, all of our perishables were spoiled. My daughter was constantly asking, "what's for dinner?" When I let her know the options, she scowled and a fight ensued. It's time to stop fighting about dinner. Using this simple system, you can plan, shop and organize your meals kid approved in an hour or less a week. Plus, dinner will be simple, quick and ready to go nightly. Dinner doesn't have to be stressful. Let's make it easy on you.


  • Easy System

    Unlike a restrictive meal plan, this will give you the skills to duplicate this process weekly!

  • Family Friendly

    A unique buy in approach to get the family on board, and stop the arguing about "what's for dinner?"

  • Flexible

    Miss a meal? Forget to grocery shop? This system is flexible. You can move meals around so you can enjoy your food

Course outline!

  • 01
    Welcome to your dinner freedom!
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    • Welcome to more time and easier menus!
    • Let's get to know each other!
  • 02
    The secret sauce!
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    • Step 1: Discover the secret to end "what's for dinner?"
    • Step 2: The 30 minute recipe finder system.
    • Family Brainstorming!
  • 03
    The building blocks to success
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    • Step 3: How to Meal Plan in an Hour or Less a Week!
    • Step 4: How to create the right grocery list.
    • Step 4: Saving time and money at the grocery store
    • Calendar Printable for Meal Planning EASE!
  • 04
    Flexibility for sustainability
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    • Step 5: Stay flexible with this one tip!
    • NEW! System for organizing recipes!
    • More success steps for you...
    • What worked for you?
  • 05
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    • Busy Mama Cookbook

This system saved us over $400.00 dollars per month and helped us focus on lowering our debt.

STOP arguing about dinner and START eating better!

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“This is so simple but brilliant! ”