Reclaim your Evenings and Ease

Dinner time can be a struggle. After a long day of focusing on work, we may feel that figuring out what's for dinner is impossible. Creating simple structures and systems in our house takes daily tasks that feel impossible and makes them into easeful second nature. We know exactly what's for dinner, yet have flexibility for changes in case we want something different. This system prioritizes buy-in from our family so we can stop struggles before they begin, a simple process you can duplicate weekly, and flexibility so you can still enjoy take out without worrying about our food going bad.

Challenges this class may help you solve:

  • Reclaiming dinner time ease & enjoyment.

  • More time for space in the evenings to breathe.

  • Finding solutions for picky eaters that doesn't require making something different for everyone.

What you receive...

  • Seven short videos to guide you in implementing easily into your weekly routine.

  • Templates to gather & display ideas from the family to avoid dinner time battles.

  • An e-book with quick, healthy recipes for all meals with easy substitutions for picky eaters.

Benefits of this course

  • Simple System

    This process will support you to accomplish meal plans, and even grocery buying in an hour or less a week.

  • Family Friendly

    A unique buy in approach to get the family on board, and stop the arguing about "what's for dinner?"

  • Flexible

    Even when you forget to grocery shop or decide to enjoy a meal out - this system is flexible so you can enjoy food without it going bad.

Reclaim your evenings and ease.


Curriculum Preview

  • 01
    Reclaiming evenings & ease
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    • Welcome to more time and easier menus!
    • Setting our intentions & identifying obstacles.
  • 02
    Ending Dinner Time Struggles
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    • Step 1: Ending dinner time struggles.
    • Step 2: Find recipes quickly
    • Family Buy-in Printable
  • 03
    Creating Easeful Efficiency
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    • Step 3: Easeful and Efficient Meal Planning Weekly
    • Step 4: Simple list making for efficient shopping
    • Step 4: Minimize time spent at the store
    • Creating your Meal Plan Printable
  • 04
    Structure Creates Flexibility
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    • Step 5: Creating flexibility in your plans
    • Organize your recipes for easeful reminders
    • Supportive Resources for your Continued Success
    • Start a conversation on how this worked for you.
  • 05
    Ebook of Recipes
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    • Recipe Ebook


End dinner time struggles so you can reclaim your evenings and ease.


“This is so simple but brilliant! ”