• Find your why

    Why build this habit?

  • Find your Prince Charming Workout

    What workout will help you in your goals?

  • Timeboxing and Meal Planning

    Simple strategies to cut down on wasted time/energy and still flexibly serve your family

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Habit Making 101.
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    • Habit Making 101 Intro
    • Welcome to the academy!
    • Before we begin...
  • 02
    Your why
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    • Why do you want to create this habit
    • Your why!
  • 03
    Pick your prince charming work out
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    • How to pick your prince charming workout
  • 04
    Timeboxing your schedule
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    • Timeboxing
  • 05
    Meal Planning for the family
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    • Download and print: Meal Planning Grocery Guide
    • Meal Planning 101
    • Making a menu
    • Putting it together
  • 06
    Laundry system
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    • Laundry System
    • Laundry checklist

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